Month-to-month Google Ads Management

Our service lasts as long as you’re getting results. There are no setup fees, strategy fees, or report fees. Ever.



Accounts Spending
$2,000/month or less



Accounts Spending
Over $2,000/month

To prove to you we know what we’re doing, the initial campaign build is


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We Know What Works

All Campaign Types Included

We will create and manage all types of campaigns available in Google Ads: traditional search ads, local service ads (Google Guaranteed), shopping, display, remarketing, discovery, call-only, and whatever else you can think of.

We're Focused on ROI

Our Google Ads management plans are pretty simple. You partner with us to get a better ROI, and you stay with us as long as we’re doing a good job. If you need to cancel for any reason, just let us know and you’re off the hook.

Our Google Ads Service Includes:

Custom reports:

Our Data Studio reports use live data pulled directly from your account. You can access the reports at any time – you see what we see. We can also build reports based on the performance metrics you care about most, whether it be clicks, CTR, conversions, or ad position. 

Landing page consulting:

Keywords and ads are only half of the equation. Ad clicks need to turn into revenue, and your landing pages play a huge role. If your website….uh….really sucks, we’ll tell you (politely, and with solutions). 

Monthly strategy calls:

As needed, no limits. We love to walk you through elements of the AdWords account, and educate you on pieces you aren’t sure about. We’re partners in this, so let’s keep in touch.

Ad approval & website monitoring:

Paying to send traffic to a broken website should never happen. We check that the ads are leading to live pages every day. No surprises. 

Google Shopping Creation & Integration:

We’ll make sure everything is in place for shopping ads to be successful. This includes revisions and edits to an existing product feed, or uploading and testing of an existing product feed.

Bing Ads Integration & Management

Your Google Ads can be transferred into Bing! If you want to test out the Bing audience, we’ll manage those ads as well under the same management terms.

Conversion tracking installation:

We can’t do our jobs without some kind of conversion tracking. We’ll discuss with you what is the most profitable action to track, and work with you to install the necessary codes.

Google Analytics & Tag Manager integration:

Google Analytics data is crucial in determining how engaged the AdWords traffic really is once they reach your site. We’ll make sure everything is linked up, and that you have visibility with this data at all times.

Website Call Tracking (if applicable):

Phone calls are the lifeblood to some businesses, and customers are usually much higher quality if they take the time to call you (especially these days!). You need to know what keywords result in the best phone calls. We’ll help you set up your tracking account, install the codes, and test to make sure everything is connected.

Contact us if you’re interested in partnering with CRAVE, or have questions about any part of the Google Ads offer.

Why Go With Us?

We Work Hard to Earn Your Business, Every Month

Better Reporting & More Data
Better Reporting & More Data
Better Reporting & More Data
We analyze and combine data from the account, campaign, ad group, and keyword levels. These metrics are used to inform all account optimization decisions. You'll have full access to this information at all times.
Reliable Communication
Reliable Communication
Reliable Communication
We strive to respond to issues or questions within an hour of receiving them. Your Google Ads strategist and account manager will be the same person. Having a single point of contact makes things easy, and prevents miscommunication between teams.
Month-to-month, No Contracts
Month-to-month, No Contracts
Month-to-month, No Contracts
We have to prove ourselves every 30 days to keep your business, and that's the way it should be. If we're not doing our jobs or getting results, you can walk away with no questions asked.

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